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REGLER, regel #15 (Power electronics)

Performance @ Mayhem KBH,

>Fight Your Own War

Following Discogs Power Electronics Music Description:
Power electronics consists of static, screeching waves of feedback, analogue synthesizers making sub-bass pulses or high frequency squealing sounds, and screamed, distorted, often hateful and offensive lyrics. Deeply atonal, there are no conventional melodies or rhythms.

Regler is a group working conceptually with noise and improvisation based in Berlin and Stockholm. It is mainly the workings of Anders Diskad Bryngelsson (SE) and Mattin (DE/ES), often i collaboration with other artists. For the project at Dark Sky Festival at Mayhem Copenhagen, Regler is invited to produce a new performance in collaboration with the artists Irene Gellein (NO/DK) and Andreas Soma (SE/NO).
Over the course of thirteen releases on six different labels, Regler has sought to mimic, distill and distort a different musical genre using the barest instruments and the slimmest of guiding principles. The game is to reduce the genre to a simple rule and follow that rule without change for however long the performance’s medium will allow.
The results are probably the most maximal and immersive form of minimalism you’ve heard in some time.
REGLER has made performances at different scenes like Fylkingen Stockholm, Iaspis Stockholm, Noise Testament Berlin, FORMA Angers France, Hærverk Oslo, Mädchenkammer Berlin and more.
(Press release, DSF/Mayhem KBH)

regel #15 (Power electronics)

Supported by Koda Kultur DK

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